Student Information System Integration

Class Roster Synchronization:

WELNET® has been importing data from Student Information Systems (SIS) for over a decade. Class rosters can be automatically updated daily to ensure that teachers always have the most up to date information. Our support department has worked with over 30 Student Information Systems, and we provide simple instructions for setting up daily automated transfers from the most popular systems. WELNET® can be integrated with your SIS quickly, with minimal time and effort required from your I.T. Department.

User/Student Account Management:

WELNET® supports Single Sign On via LTI, SAML and Clever SSO. Your teachers and students don’t have to remember a separate username and password. A simple click on a link and they are logged in. WELNET® can also integrate with your Active Directory servers (via LDAP), so teachers and students can log in using their existing account information. Our Support Department will work with your I.T. Department making integration simple and seamless.

Student Information Systems integrated with WELNET®: