Early Learner Fitness (ELF)

FAB 5®: ELF Trainings are hands-on and movement-based, focusing on the academic content from the curriculum. The activities are centered on exercises that train the body and the brain simultaneously.  This training will focus on teaching strategies that assist students in increasing their academic success and fitness. The foundational exercises presented can immediately be implemented by teachers the day after the training.

A FAB 5®: ELF Training is intended to do three things:

  • Support teachers in developing strategies to integrate ELF activities into their class time
  • Incorporate academic content centered on SHAPE and State PE Standards, Literacy Standards and Math Standards
  • Assist teachers in a collaborative process to be acted upon throughout their district

  Participants will leave this training feeling comfortable about implementing ELF in their school or organization.

Trainings can be provided on-site or virtual.

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