Karen Cowan, our CEO, leads our consulting department. As a former school administrator she has a vast background in implementing quality programs in school districts and non-profit organizations. In the last fourteen years, we have assisted over 50 school districts and programs in securing grant funding and managing grants once they are awarded.

Grant Writing and Management

Since our inception, we have accumulated a great deal of grant writing experience. We have invested in tools and research, and have a skilled grant writing team that can develop high-quality, low-cost grant proposals. Today, our grant writing services encompass all funders (federal, state, corporate, and private or community foundations) and a wide variety of clients (institutions of higher education, local educational agencies, early childhood education centers, corporate wellness programs, and both nonprofit and for-profit organizations). At Focused Fitness, our grant writing methods maximize our award rate and the success of our clients’ implemented grant programs. Our grant writing process begins with a strategic planning session. This allows us to determine each client’s unique funding needs, goals, objectives, and capacity to carry out the anticipated project activities. We will not begin drafting a grant proposal unless our research and years of experience tell us that there is an above average chance of receiving an award. Our aim is to create proposals that are an accurate expression of your mission. During the writing phase, we spend a great deal of time with you, discussing program design and developing a realistic and comprehensive budget. We talk with staff members to gain a thorough understanding of the inner workings of your organization. We also help you to establish meaningful partnerships so that your grant proposal is far-reaching and sustainable. We will create a proposal of the highest quality because it will be the product of collaborative input, passion, and vision.

Data Collection

Over the course of 10 years, we have developed the process and infrastructure necessary to ensure valid and reliable data for grant reporting purposes. Our data manager and data entry specialists are highly trained and have the capacity to handle a wide variety of data. Our proprietary software, WELDAT, can be adapted to meet a variety of data collection types. We work with districts and organizations in streamlining data collection needs so they can focus on improving programs rather than entering data.

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