Curriculum Development

Curriculum Development Trainings provide the opportunity to create the infrastructure necessary to implement Standards-based Quality Physical Education Programs. Trainings are constructed to build important program documents such as: mission statement, vision statement, curriculum maps, yearly plan, lesson plans, and common assessments. Curriculum experts guide teachers in the development of these documents for consistent implementation across the district and future sustainability. Curriculum Development Training can be facilitated through a “curriculum committee” of 5-8 teachers representing stakeholders in respective grade levels for large districts.  Other formats can be used depending on the desired outcomes of the district.

Focused Fitness Curriculum Development Training is designed to build the infrastructure of your physical education program. This type of training is designed to develop the following:

  • District Power Standards
  • Vision and Mission Statements
  • School Health Index, District Policies, PECAT and Gap Analysis
  • Defined Essential Content
  • Resource Review & Selection
  • Curriculum Maps
  • Yearly Plans
  • Lesson Plans
  • Common Assessment Plan
  • Curriculum Guide

Curriculum development is essential for creating sustainable programs with consistent implementation across the district.

Trainings can be provided on-site or virtual.

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