FIVE FOR LIFE® Professional Development is active and hands-on. These trainings are based on incorporating best teaching practices into physical education and are customized to meet the needs of the district or organization. Activities presented seamlessly integrate fitness and health academics, fitness related activities, and motor skills. In addition, teachers will learn how to deconstruct Five for Life activities to best teach content to students. Fitness measurements can be covered in detail as well as new tools of the trade such as: pedometers, heart rate monitors, fitness software, functional equipment and more.

Five For Life

FIVE FOR LIFE® Trainings are intended to:

  • Help teachers learn strategies to integrate fitness and health academic content into their lesson plans. Academic content is based on SHAPE and State Standards
  • Incorporate the following fitness-based best practices into the lessons:
    • Functional Training
    • Circuit Training
    • Pedometers
    • Heart Rate Training
    • Fitness Measurements
    • Goal Setting
    • Quality Lesson Design
    • Integrated Curriculum
    • Continue to build motor skill development

Trainings can be provided on-site or virtual.

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