I just wanted to say how pleased I am with the rubrics portion of WELNET!  I love this feature!  I was able to quickly share results with parents through an email on their child's locomotor abilities and a spreadsheet to each classroom teacher for their knowledge.  It was very efficient. I just wanted to say thank you! 

The number of times I'm asked a WELNET question from the teachers that I support is mind-blowing. In every case, I do a quick virtual marriage with one of you, and EVERY SINGLE TIME you quickly and fully resolve the problem. I want to give Focused Fitness a HUGE shout out for continually providing tremendous customer service with a smile and for making my support of teachers much easier.

...WELNET does all the things that Physical Education teachers wish they had time to create; but just don't have the time for… PE does not have anything out there like this – as an extensive resource for skill testing, skill break-down (even if just to refresh for teaching "cues"), written test questions, standards based learning, videos, brain boosters for all district teachers, wearables – ALL IN ONE PLACE! WELNET has so many resources to spin lessons off of… – and it justifies the objective part of the Physical Education grade, which before, made it a rather subjective evaluation…

The Five for Life curriculum has been beneficial because it helps us put healthy living concepts into activities the students can have fun playing, but also learn something from.  The numerous activities within the curriculum book make it easy on us as teachers as well.



I wanted to share that "Focused Fitness" is the real deal.   We are very fortunate to have been hooked up with them, as their company is absolutely exemplary. Focused Fitness is helping us take our curriculum to a higher level, which will not only help our students strive to make healthy choices, but it also will help improve academic achievement across the board.  On a scale of 1-10 they are well beyond an "Eleven".

We’re really excited to utilize the opportunity of the PEP grant and have support players like Focused Fitness helping us achieve our goals.

We have begun using the WELNET®  modules and I have been most impressed. This week my students are logging in water consumption. The visual "water bottle" on the log screen is a great enhancement---students are gaining a real perspective of their individual water intake.

The Fab 5 ELF program is wonderful and I hope it will be implemented across all schools, across all districts, across all states! Occupational therapists can be a real asset in promoting and supporting this program.



I am thrilled more districts are using Focused Fitness/WELNET®.  I can’t imagine not having this product…I login almost daily to collect data to convince schools and the district why we need funding to support PE programs. I would love to continue our conversations on how to impact student learning through quality PE and health.

The curriculum from Focused Fitness allowed us to deliver a health related curriculum, to teach our kids to be their own personal trainers for life.

Thank you for all that you have done and continue to do for our school district and PEP GRANT survival.  If there is one thing I can leave the district when the grant is over, it's a solid curriculum in place and an inspired staff that understands the importance of their role for preparing physically educated school-aged children for life.

We knew if it wasn’t activity-based with content meshed in, that that we weren’t interested. So we started looking and what was exciting was the first state conference that my teaching partner and I attended, we found something. It turned out to be a nutrition program that had the integration we were looking for and covered our state standards. It came from a company called Focused Fitness.

What impresses me the most about the Five For Life Program is how I can immediately use the lesson plans, the progression, and the ability to tweak them according to limits of space, equipment, etc.

It has made my life easier. Also, every trainer has added tips, suggestions, modifications to every activity. Great stuff. This just revs me up and puts new life back in my program and me! I love P.E.. Sometimes I get mired down in the other stuff I am required to do and these trainings remind me why I do what I do; I want every student to love fitness (P.E.) and moving their body like I do.

Thank you so much!