WELNET® is designed to provide physical educators with a tool to gather student fitness data and communicate results. WELNET®'s modules offer a variety of tracking and assessment tools, including measuring the five components of fitness, checking students' understanding of fitness and health concepts, tracking students' health-related habits and behaviors, supporting student goal setting and producing reports in each module to analyze trends, improve instruction and achieve program goals and outcomes. WELNET® is available as a Single School Solution or a District Solution.





  • Simplifies the process of gathering student academic, fitness and health data while providing longitudinal data to your district.  

  • Allows teachers and administrators to print individual and group reports and analyze the results from any internet- enabled computer.  

  • Permits student access for reviewing fitness measurements, setting fitness goals, completing academic unit assessments and behavior logs that include activity, nutrition, pedometer, hydration and sleep.

  • Accommodates choices of fitness measurements and standards and automatic calculation of BMI.

  • Creates an evaluation component that allows districts to analyze teacher, student and survey information.  

  • DOES NOT compromise activity time because it is curriculum-based and allows students to complete assignments outside of physical education time. 

  • Collects, stores and reports on longitudinal student academic, health and fitness data.

  • Allows students to build individual fitness and health portfolios.

  • Privacy policy protects data through security measures and limiting access to information. 

  • Meets state and grant data gathering and reporting requirements and supports evaluation efforts.

WELNET® is the software solution to enhance student learning